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Easily find podcasts!

PHP library to find podcasts


Made following the bests php development pratices

Fully documented by
the APIGen

Fully unit tested by
the PHPUnit

Searchs podcasts on multiple API providers, like Itunes and Digital Podcast

Searchs for podcasts by Term

Get details and mp3 files through from podcast's RSS


Podcast Crawler is a library that enables the search for podcasts to get details and mp3 files through API providers.

How to use?

Install podcastcrawler/podcastcrawler using Composer:

$ composer require podcastcrawler/podcastcrawler
It's required PHP >= 5.4.0 and have Tidy library installed.

Basic usage:

// Require the composer auto loader
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use PodcastCrawler\PodcastCrawler;
use PodcastCrawler\Provider\Itunes;

$PodcastCrawler = new PodcastCrawler(new Itunes);

// Returns an array with search result (result count and a list with podcasts).

// Returns an array with 2 (two) items. Result count is also included.

// Returns an array with the podcast's detail and episodes with its mp3 files.

See the documentation for more.